.: Pregnancy Planning and Infertility :.

Nowadays, with women performing 100% and more in their jobs while juggling family and home at the same time, much is left by the wayside. All too often women complete their vocational training and launch their career only to find that they are unable to get pregnant when they want to. Much of this is due to stress, poor diet and lack of sleep/rest. One of Chinese medicine’s prime strengths is to find a balance and enhance the factors conducive to pregnancy.


  • Comprehensive medical history taking
  • Secretion examination
  • Gynaecological examination
  • Ultrasound cycle monitoring, endometrium and follicle
  • Basal body temperature chart
  • Vaccination consultation /antibody blood tests
  • TCM therapy before and during pregnancy
  • Chinese herbs to support pregnancy, also suitable for women who have had several miscarriages
  • IVF preparation and TCM therapy throughout