.: Gynaecology :.


  • Comprehensive medical history taking
  • Cancer smear test
  • Vaginal secretion examination, microscopic plus culture
  • Urethral smear test
  • Gynaecological examination
  • Colposcopy (microscopic examination of cervix)
  • Ultrasound
  • Breast exam
  • Discussion of results, second opinion
  • Assistance during menopause
  • Vaccinations
  • Individual contraception consultation, intrauterine devices in gold and copper, hormonal intrauterine devices, Gynefix, 3-monthly contraceptive injection
  • Consultation for youth
  • Oncological checkups as a follow-up to breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer
  • TCM: In gynaecology we often come across complaints not categorised as diseases or insufficiently treated by western medicine. These include, amongst others, frequently recurring infections (rhinitis, sinusitis, bladder infections), restlessness, sleeping disorders, hot flushes, fatigue, digestive problems, joint pain, headaches, mood swings, skin problems, PMS, menstruation disorders, breast tenderness, frequent urination, discharge, undefined abdominal pain, heavy period pain. This is where Chinese medicine, because of its different perspective, often achieves satisfactory results.